Publisher Rates

Links Adverts Don't deal with any Pop-up ads we never redirect you to another site we only show banners & Interestials ads on your short link so according to our easy skippable pages our eCPM is too high


Links Adverts is Made in India site so we give a bonus to our India Publisher

the Publisher Rate for Indians is = 40$ / 10,000


The CPM given below is starting CPM if you start getting more views then it will be increased

Our CPM system is unique it is different for every Publisher if you get more views in less time then CPM will be higher for you.


Country Earnings per 1000 Views
United Kingdom $3.00
Switzerland $3.00
Norway $3.00
United States $3.00
South Africa $3.00
Germany $2.00
Australia $2.00
Worldwide Deal(All Countries) $2.00
India $2.00
Singapore $2.00
Canada $2.00
Pakistan $1.00
Country Earnings per 1000 Views
United States $2.00
United Kingdom $2.00
Canada $1.60
Worldwide Deal(All Countries) $0.40